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Dec 27, 2021

Ever think about your personal vulnerability in the face of a health challenge? A car accident, the flu, or a cancer diagnosis can have severe consequences, including emotional and economic chaos. Why? Because right when we need to focus on getting well, we find ourselves struggling to navigate a confusing health...

Dec 20, 2021

Listen as guest Kayla Westergard-Dobson describes the health insurance nightmare she and her husband are still grappling with after the tragic death of their premature son, Arthur.  It all started the day after her emergency C-section (while still on high-powered pain killers) with a call from the hospital billing...

Dec 13, 2021

Join Dr. Howard Pinderhughes and host Brenda Gazzar as they discuss innovative programs that are helping to heal community trauma. Is community healing simply psychological and emotional, or is it more? What is the role of the community in the healing process? How could our healthcare system go beyond treating the...

Dec 6, 2021

Join Howard Pinderhughes, Ph.D. professor and department chair, Social & Behavioral Sciences Dept, School of Nursing, University of California San Francisco and host Brenda Gazzar as they discuss trauma and its impact on both individuals and communities

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Nov 29, 2021

Show Notes:

Is 'Now' Our Moment for Healthcare Justice?


Assemblyman Ash Kalra represents California's 27th District which encompasses about half of the city of San Jose in the Silicon Valley.  The first Indian-American to serve in the state's legislature, he has established himself as a progressive leader on issues...