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Oct 26, 2020

How does having to work to qualify for employer-sponsored health insurance affect Americans with chronic illness? Does managing health insurance get any easier after retirement? (Hint - not necessarily.) Are Medicare Advantage plans really advantageous? And for whom?  Retired actor Kathy Fields Lander, wife of actor and...

Oct 19, 2020

Did you hear about the upcoming changes to SAG-AFTRA’s employee-benefit plans? How are union health plans coping with America’s out-of-control healthcare costs? Are retiree health benefits guaranteed for life?  David L. Lander, his wife Kathy Fields Lander, and host Brenda Gazzar discuss how changes to SAG-AFTRA’s...

Oct 12, 2020

Is healthcare inequality more evident to America’s mayors than to our federal representatives?  How differently might the pandemic have played out if Medicare for All had already been in place? Did the link between employment and health insurance force Americans to keep working - not just for the income but also for...

Oct 5, 2020

Why have two California mayors joined forces to launch Mayors for Medicare for All? How are American cities "laboratories for democracy?" How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected local communities? Libby Schaaf, Oakland mayor and the City Council's former senior policy adviser for Community & Economic Development,...