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Jul 26, 2021

How do health insurance companies avoid insuring more costly patients?  What’s a “trojan horse” when it comes to single-payer legislation? Does financing health care through an insurance system make sense? Join Dr. Stephen Kemble, practicing psychiatrist and past president of the Hawaii Medical Association,...

Jul 19, 2021

What's long COVID like, after a year? How much does it cost to treat? Are some Americans still having to "stay married for the health insurance" - in 2021? What's one way Medicaid fails special needs kids? Listen as Mariana Pineda, a New York teacher, mother of four and single-payer activist pulls back the curtain on...

Jul 12, 2021

As if having Long COVID weren’t enough, does America’s broken healthcare system make things worse? Does the social safety net - meaning Medicaid, unemployment and disability insurance -  actually save us? Join Mariana Pineda, a New York teacher and mother of four, as she shares her COVID long-haul nightmare with...

Jul 5, 2021

What if your surgery were suddenly cancelled the day before because your insurer deemed it "medically unnecessary?" What choices do Americans have when it comes to their care? Would global budgeting have helped rural hospitals cope with the pandemic? Stephanie Kang, PhD, health policy director for Rep. Pramila Jayapal,...