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Mar 28, 2022

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What does it mean to “privatize” Medicare? What’s ACO-Reach? Why does it matter? Who’s for it, who’s against it, and why? Join host Brenda Gazzar and Ed Weisbart, MD, a retired family physician, former chief medical officer of Express Scripts and a national board member...

Mar 21, 2022

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How do common American hospital practices traumatize patients and their nurses? What experiences erode trust between the sick and their healers?  Join host Brenda Gazzar and Kathy Allan, RN and board-certified holistic nurse, for unique insights into healthcare-acquired...

Mar 14, 2022

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For most of us, the horror of getting a cancer diagnosis is only the beginning of a protracted, exhausting and  stressful struggle to get the coverage and care we need to survive.  Patients with life-threatening illnesses are at ground zero of a major moral conflict in...

Mar 7, 2022

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What can advocates do when lawmakers shirk their responsibility to fix a healthcare system that hurts so many?  Are campaign contributions from the for-profit healthcare industry the reason legislators refuse to advance reforms that would cover everybody, for...